Davie Street E-News

A community publication by and for the 1000 block of Davie Street, Victoria, British Columbia

Neighbours Helping Neighbours

There’s an unlimited number of things we can do to help each other “reduce, reuse, recyle & reinspire” on a local basis. Here are some ideas:

Tool exchange/loan/share

Musical instrument lessons

MAC/PC computer help 

Holiday plant/garden care

Emergency child minding

Construction/reno skills

Nutrition advice

Service recommendations

Children’s clothing/toys

Too many zucchini/tomatoes

Welcome new residents

Buy/sell stuff

Monitor homes when away

Share a ‘cold one’ & a laugh

Mission and Purpose

Busy lives seem to reduce the opportunities for the kind of friendly neighbour communication and assistance we’d like to have on Davie Street.

The purpose of this newsletter is to keep in contact and provide a way to help each other, maintain the safety of our block, build on the wisdom and experience that resides on our block, and strengthen our relations as neighbours.

The advantages of an email newsletter are that it is fast, easy to produce, and virtually free. Items that appear in the newsletter are submitted by residents and typically pertain to concerns and interests of the neighbours.  The newsletter is published about 6-8 times per year.


All email addresses and comments are private and are not shared in the newsletter without explicit permission.


Visitors can view all pages plus the Table of Contents for each issue. Residents with a userid and password can view or download any issue.


The Davie Street e-News is distributed by email to all households on the 1000 block of Davie Street, interested neighbours, selected Victoria City Council members and editors of other neighbourhood association newsletters.