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~ 2020 ~

January (No. 63)

  • Thanks for Snow Helpers
  • Three Updates on Community Issues (Rhodo Court Case, Heritage Property on 902 Foul Bay, Richardson Bike Lanes)

March (No. 64)

  • Neighbours helping neighbours (coronavirus resources)

April (No. 65)

  • Thanks and Gratitude
  • Reliable COVID-19 Resources
  • Savoury Cafe Open for TakeAway
  • Gardenworks Open for TakeAway
  • Inspiring Quotes
  • Window Poster

May (No. 66)

  • Celebrating Workers
  • Thank You
  • Purpose
  • TakeOut Update
  • The Arts Continue
  • Inspiring Quotes
  • Ready to Zoom?

July (No. 67)

  • Temporary Restricted Parking
  • Telephone Pole Painting
  • The Latest from Soul Source

~ 2020 (continued) ~

August (No. 68)

What’s New in the Neighbourhood

Celebrate and Support Local Biz

Gratitude to Chief Medical Officer

October (No. 69)

Leaves: The Competition Begins

Provincial Election Called

Local Food Services Need Support

Two Inspiring Quotes

October (No. 70)

Leaves: Mulcher Available

Feedback Needed on Relevance

Witnesses Needed for Bike Accident

Support Our Local TakeOut Businesses

Two Inspiring Quotes